The creme de la creme of locations

Right in the city centre and by the sea

The sea has a thousand faces.

You will see them all.

The morning and the evening sea. Stormy or quiet. Going to the sea is no longer an event, but part of your daily routine.

The Old Town makes up

the other side of the view

The UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, with its towers and silhouette, can be seen from your home and is one of the reasons why Kalaranna is so highly valued.

The quietest place in the city centre

You will be close to the Tallinn Creative Hub, which host the most exciting events in Estonia, great restaurants and the Old Town. All this without much ruckus. Except for the noise of the sea.

People who move here

have no reason to think about the future

but they enjoy doing that

Kalaranna District is already a truly valued area. This value will only grow in time as the beautiful coastal area will be shaped into a new heart of the city.

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